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Chanceé  Lundy is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Nspiregreen LLC.

With a creative, forward-thinking mindset, Nspiregreen, LLC is a global leader in sustainability. Our organization is a professional consulting firm that assists businesses, governments and not for profit organizations in achieving and implementing their sustainability goals. The nspiregreen specialty is our ability to create technical and community-driven solutions. Birthed from a desire to reduce and prevent environmental inequities and inspire global stewardship, our unconventional firm will:

  • provide sustainable solutions that balance social, cultural, economic and environmental objectives
  • shape approaches, attitudes and practices for sustainable living and community development

We have proven to be successful at providing superior client services by meeting customer needs. Our experienced team of engineers and urban planners customize solutions to ensure each client improves their triple bottom line.

Nspiregreen is committed to our mission of facilitating the transformation and empowerment of every community on the planet.

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1012 14th St. NW Suite 915
Washington, DC 20005
Phone: (202) 793-5600